October Photo Challenge – October 11th

Favorite Costume:

I used to love the band Eden’s Crush that was on the show Popstars. They weren’t around long, but I LOVED their music. My mom made me a costume that I actually ended up wearing to school for this costume day thing we had for Halloween. Someone I had a crush on kept saying I looked like Britney Spears and I kept getting mad and saying that I was supposed to be Maile from Eden’s Crush (I think that’s the girl I dressed up as, it was a long time ago!). I think for my costume I had a pink wig. Perhaps because my hair is already dark and we were trying to make sure everyone knew I was a pop star? Not sure.

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2 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge – October 11th

  1. I used to be a dental assist, and my boss at the time made me fang veneers that fit right over my canine teeth, they are made to match the color of my teeth & everything, so they look real. So my vampire costume is my favorite, because it looks so real. I scared a little girl (I didn’t mean to) & I had a dog growl at me..lol! My second favorite costume was Sailor Mercury. My friends and I went as the whole group, and we made our own costumes. It was awesome!!

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