October Photo Challenge – October 6th

So technically the movie that I’m choosing for being “accidentally funny” is already a comedy. However, I imagine that parts of it were meant to be scary and to be honest, it really wasn’t. I’m choosing Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. I like the movie but I can’t stand the women who play Dracula’s brides. Maybe they’re meant to be scary, but they come off really obnoxious, stupid, and utterly annoying!

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Image result for Van Helsing gifs
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Feel free to participate! See schedule below!



5 Replies to “October Photo Challenge – October 6th”

      1. Same here! But I liked Kate Beckinsale. In fact, she’s said a few times that this role really helped her get over her eating disorder. The director made her gain weight and muscle for the role (for the stunts), and apparently, she felt healthier as a result! I liked that.

      2. I liked her in it too and I LOVED her in the movie Serendipity! That’s cool that the role helped her get past her eating disorder, though I hope it was for her safety and not because they weren’t happy with her size that they made her gain weight! I hate when directors force stuff on the actors and actresses!

      3. No, it was for her safety! For the stunts. It’s common (if the actor wants to do their stunts) that they gain weight/muscle. Otherwise they can get seriously hurt. I loved Serendipity as well!

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