Time To Rate Some Shows!

Hey guys! So it’s been pretty exciting watching the new shows for Fall. I’ve decided to rate the ones I’ve watched so far! For the record, I still have some more to watch!


The Good Place – 4.5/5 stars

The Good Place is hilarious! I love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. I also love William Jackson Harper’s character! If you want to watch a show that’ll crack you up, watch The Good Place!

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Kevin Can Wait 4/5 Stars

Kevin Can Wait is another really funny show. While I’m not in love with the character Chale and while the acting isn’t as good as in The Good Place, it’s still a great, funny show!

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Timeless – 4.5/5 Stars

So I was really excited for this show and while at first I was a little worried that the acting wouldn’t be very good (I’d only seen one of the actors in something – Matt Latner in the newer version of 90210), I ended up LOVING the show and loving all the main characters!

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MacGyver 1/5 Stars

No, no, no! I watched the first episode and was not impressed. AT ALL! I thought it might actually be good, but it wasn’t. Now maybe I was trying too hard to compare it to the original (which was great and can be found on Netflix!), but I was very disappointed. First of all, way too much of the show was narrated. Second of all, they labeled on the show like what everything was. I think we know what a paper clip looks like!

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9 Replies to “Time To Rate Some Shows!”

    1. The Good Place is fantastic! The most recent episode wasn’t as good as the others, but it’s great in general. I love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. They both crack me up and I’ve liked Danson in other stuff like Cheers, Becker, etc.

      1. I watched it near constantly when I was in the hospital. One of the few movies I could watch a million times and still laugh to, and I really needed the laughter.

  1. I talked to my Dad about MacGuyver & your complaint about the labeling of items (rest assured, I only said “a friend mentioned this issue;” I told him nothing else about you). He said it might play to the general audience that doesn’t know what specific parts he’s pulling from the lights or whatever he’s disassembling.

    Also, I forgot to mention, I found episodes of The Good Place On Demand!! I’ll be able to check it out without missing out on any episodes. 😀

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