September Character Photo Challenge – September 30th

Can you guys believe this is the last day of September? I can’t! Anyway, there are tons of shows I didn’t expect to like but did! Here are just a few!

1.) Supernatural – I didn’t expect to like this show at all but man am I happy I decided to give it a try! I LOVE it!

Image result for Supernatural
Google Images

2.) Warehouse 13 – I thought the show would be really lame. I was wrong! It was awesome!

Image result for Warehouse 13
Google Images

3.) One Tree Hill – This isn’t normally my type of show, but I found that I really enjoyed it! It’s a great show with great characters!

Image result for One Tree Hill
Google Images

4.) Gossip Girl – While not a show I’d really want to watch again all the way through, I found that I liked Gossip Girl way more than I expected.

Image result for Gossip Girl
Google Images

Wanna participate in the October Photo Challenge? Check out the schedule below!




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