September Character Photo Challenge – September 29th

There are literally tons of shows that I feel ended way too soon. It seems like networks have a big thing for ending really good shows these days and keeping on ones that aren’t so good. I’m not saying it happens with every show, but it happens a lot! I’m going to list a couple of shows that I wish lasted longer than they did!

Image result for Thieves Melissa George John Stamos
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Thieves – The show didn’t last long at all and it was on a long time ago, but I remember loving it!

Image result for Joey show
Google Images

Joey – Joey was another show that I thought was really good (and funny!) and it didn’t last very long. What the heck?!

Image result for Lois and Clark
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Lois and Clark – This show lasted a long time, but I feel that it was so good that they could have kept going with it!

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