Wanting Explanation

Anxiety sucks – plain and simple. There are so many things about anxiety that are frustrating, but today I’d like to focus on one. Today, I’d like to focus on how, sometimes, anxiety seems to come out of nowhere for no reason.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not always sure that knowing the cause for every anxious moment helps. However, sometimes, when anxiety seems to sneak up on me out of nowhere, it would be nice to know why. Maybe then I could go about fixing the problem.

Take today, for example. I’ve been doing really well lately. However, about ten minutes ago or so, I randomly felt anxious! I didn’t really expect it. I was having such a relaxing afternoon and then, BAM!, I just felt anxious. Unfortunately, calming myself down instantly isn’t one of my strong suits. However, now I’m trying to relax and as you can all see, I’m writing this.

It can be frustrating not totally understanding why you feel anxious. Sometimes I understand why I’m feeling this way and others, I have no idea. Right now, I have a couple of ideas why I started feeling stressed but to be honest, I can’t be certain. While on one hand, it shouldn’t matter why I’m feeling so unsettled because I should just work on getting through it, but on the other hand, knowing sometimes makes me feel a little better.

I guess I’m writing this to let you guys know that I know how frustrating it is when you go from feeling calm to feeling really stressed. I know how devastating it feels to go from feeling on top of the world to feeling like you’ve gone back a step. The thing is though, that nothing can erase the progress that you’ve made and that we all have bad days. Don’t beat yourself up! Work hard and you will get through this!


14 Replies to “Wanting Explanation”

  1. Anxiety does suck. I don’t want to sound all preachy and find a solution for you but I have found it useful to you make a plan ( it does take time and effort0 to notice what makes me well , keeps me well, things I do when I am well to maintain my health, identifying my trigger signs has been helpful because then I can create an Action plan of how I am going to deal with that trigger. Triggers can be so subtle and easy to miss.

    I have a list of my Triggers and I add to it when something occurs to me. Then I can go back to my wellness tools’ list and find something on their to distract or help me focus on something else until the anxiety passes. It’s not easy for me. I still take medication for anxiety but I try and only take it when I am super anxious. I challenge myself. Anyway, I am waffling on a bit now. I hear you. I think the saying : you know yourself better than anyone’ is helpful (to me) because once I start being aware of my triggers – more come to the surface. If that makes sense.

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