Ways To Help Anxiety Sufferers When Traveling

After reading the post on Inspirational Indulgence and since I’m going somewhere today, I’ve decided to post a list of things that I find helpful when going somewhere with someone with anxiety. Please note that these are my opinions, you should always ask someone with anxiety the best way to help them. Not every method is beneficial to every individual.

-Give us more that 24 hours heads up

  • If you want to go somewhere with us, please let us know before 24 hours beforehand. While knowing about a certain event too early may cause us to over-think until we don’t feel able to go, springing on us the fact that you want us to go somewhere or just showing up unannounced will just add extra, unnecessary stress!

-Scope out the place ahead of time and report back

  • While this may sound extremely needy, if we’ve never been somewhere before, sometimes it helps put our mind at ease if we know the lay of the land. If it’s not too much to ask, maybe even take pictures so we can visualize what the place looks like and how it’s set up.

-Tell us what time we’re going out

  • If you’ll be picking us up, it’s helpful to know when to expect you. As mentioned in my first piece of advice, showing up unannounced can be very nerve racking!

-Be patient with us!

  • This is the most important piece of advice overall. For some anxiety sufferers, going out can be extremely difficult. The fact that we’re trying is a big step. While that may be hard to understand, yelling at us when we struggle will only make things worse. Please try your hardest to be understanding and patient!

Thank you so much for reading! If anyone has any other advice for traveling with anxiety, please feel free to comment as usual!


26 thoughts on “Ways To Help Anxiety Sufferers When Traveling

  1. Since I don’t suffer from anxiety myself (although I’m diagnosed as such, it was by an organization I’ve found made multiple mistakes on my intake) this might be a shot in the dark, but I find it helpful to me as a chronic pain sufferer – Don’t be upset if an anxiety sufferer has to leave earlier than planned! Then again, that’s probably an extension of the “be patient” recommendation.

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