September Character Photo Challenge – September 13th

Today’s challenge is a little tricky for me. Most of the actors and actresses that I like are good in basically everything I’ve seen them in. I think there was one movie where Jennifer Aniston was really depressing (Friends with Money, maybe?) but I’m not even sure I watched the whole thing. Therefore, I’m changing the prompt a little. These are two actresses that I loved in Friends, but not in much else.

Lisa Kudro – While I liked her in Mad About You and Friends, I have to admit that those are the only two things I liked her in. I think I tried to watch like one or two episodes of Web Therapy but really didn’t like it.

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Courteney Cox – This is a big one. I LOVED Courteney Cox in Friends but in shows like Cougar Town, I soon found out  that she’s not very good at acting. I found this really disappointing! Maybe the writing in Friends was so good that it made her look like a good actress? I’m not really sure!

Image result for courteney cox friends

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