September Character Photo Challenge – September 10th

Today’s challenge is quite easy for me. There are two characters that I liked but definitely wish were played by different actresses. Who you ask? Here we go…

1.) Ruby (Genevieve Cortese) in Supernatural:

Okay, I LOVED when Katy Cassidy played Ruby! She’s a great actress and while she was mysterious. Also, even though she wasn’t trustworthy, I liked her. However, I did not like Genevieve Cortese playing Ruby. For one thing, I didn’t think she was very good at acting and for another, she made the character incredibly annoying!

Image result for Ruby Supernatural Genevieve Cortese

Cassidy vs. Cortese Google Images

2.) Meg Masters (Rachel Minor) in Supernatural:

I didn’t think this was possible, but Rachel Minor as Meg Masters was even more annoying than Cortese as Ruby! I hated Meg’s voice – it was horrible! I’m sorry but Minor’s acting was really bad and every time she talked, I felt sick! So obnoxious and just…awful! Even looking at her, I feel annoyed!

Image result for rachel miner meg

Google Images

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