Stay Close – A Book Review

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Copyright: 2012

Rating: 4.5/5

My Synopsis:

Ray Levine was once a photojournalist. However, after losing the love of his life on that horrible day, seventeen years ago, things haven’t been the same. Now Ray finds himself taking pictures of people who want nothing more but to impress those around them and seem more popular than they really are.

Megan Pierce has a normal life – nice house, husband, and two kids. Megan didn’t always live the typical life of a soccer mom, though. No, Megan has kept a secret for years – even from the ones she loves the most!

For years, Detective Broome hasn’t been able to let one of his cases go. On the anniversary of a horrible occurrence, he visits the wife of a man who has been missing for seventeen years. Will Broome be able to put this case to rest? Only time will tell.

My Opinion:

This book was amazing! This book just reminded me why Harlan Coben in my favorite author. Stay Close promises to be fast-paced and exciting, having you second guess your predictions at every corner. While a lot of books I read seem to have parts that are hard to get through, this book doesn’t. It was fast, exciting, and unbelievably hard to put down. Once you reach a certain point, you just can’t get enough!

Harlan Coben creates characters that you instantly fall in love with. Whether you like them or not, you feel as if you’ve known them all your life. Stay Close is a book full of imagery – both welcoming and terrifying, and there isn’t any doubt that you’ll feel part of the adventure that unfolds in this fantastic novel!

I absolutely, 100% recommend you read this book!


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