September Character Photo Challenge – September 4th

My favorite character with powers is…Superman (Dean Cain) from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman! He’s kind, funny, and attractive!

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13 Replies to “September Character Photo Challenge – September 4th”

      1. I absolutely agree with you that Lois and Clark is a great show! And I haven’t seen any Arrow episodes, but Brandon Routh is in those, I don’t think he’s in Flash.

      2. I KNOW! That (was it a 3 parter episode) episode was very frustrating. For some odd reason I liked the clone better than Wanda… And Lex! He just pretended to be Kent! (or was it Clark?) Ugh! But I still liked the series, though the first one was the best- I liked the missed the first Jimmy.

      3. The second one wasn’t bad, he was actually really funny too. But whereas the first Jimmy had like a brother relationship with Lois, the second one had a crush on her. I don’t know, I’m just picking at the little things. But the second Jimmy was good, he and Perry had a lot of adventures, haha.

      4. It wasn’t really at Lois directly, it was mostly towards Ultra Woman. But it’s like technically saying that he had a crush on her. Like how she had one of Superman, but not Clark. (Except now she does, lol.)

      5. The second one had a crush on Ultra Woman, but it’s like he had a crush on Lois, even though it wasn’t directly at her. I’m so used to Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane that all the other Superman movies that I watch, I expect her to be in them.

      6. Teri made a great Lois! 😊 It was always funny when she never listened to Clark, whenever she’s in trouble he really should’ve been less shocked. I mean it’s LOIS, she’s always in trouble. And she has that reporter’s attitude, Teri was a great actress, she did Lois perfectly.

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