September Character Photo Challenge – September 2nd

Today’s challenge is kind of difficult. While there are many characters that I think I’m like in some ways, there are no characters that I can honestly say that, “Wow, she reminds me of myself so much it’s scary!”. I’d hate to say that I’m one hundred percent like a character because let’s face it, many times a character that you might think has some of the same qualities as you do, will end up doing something in the show that you disagree with/would never do! Therefore, I’m going to post some pictures of characters that I think have some of the same qualities as myself and why I feel that way!

Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) from Dawson’s Creek – She’s kind, caring, and a little shy at times. She has a lot of crushes on guys yet isn’t sleazy. She’s down to earth and for the most part, tries to do the right thing (at least in season one – I’ve seen  the whole series, but don’t remember a lot of the shows!). Also, Joey loves TV  shows and movies and is a little sarcastic!

Image result for Dawson's Creek Joey Potter
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Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) from Gilmore Girls – While not as into school as Rory (I got good grades, but I hated uniforms in school – Rory liked them!), I think I’m like Rory in a few ways. For starters, for the most part, Rory tried to do what was right. While she did get in trouble at times, she had a big heart and in the end, she realized where she went wrong. Rory is kind, caring, and is close with her family – she cares about the ones she loves. While I don’t want to be a journalist like Rory, I do want to be a writer. I love how dedicated she is to her work as well. I think we share a lot of the same qualities. Plus, once again, she’s sarcastic and funny!

Image result for Rory Gilmore Girls gif
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Image result for rory and lorelai gif
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