September Character Photo Challenge – September 1st!

Hey everybody! Today is the first day of the September Character Photo Challenge! Today’s task is to post a picture of a character you’re most attracted to! This is kind of difficult since there are so many great characters to choose from! I’ve decided to choose both a character from a TV show and a character from a movie.

Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) from Wings. He was the more mature of the two brothers but was still funny. He’s also super attractive and a loyal friend.

Image result for Joe Hackett Wings
Google Images

Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) from National Treasure! I love his sense of humor, he’s cute, and he’s a great friend. I also love that he’s smart and sarcastic!

Image result for Riley Poole national treasure
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Image result for riley poole national treasure 2
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Wanna Participate? Check out the schedule below!



6 Replies to “September Character Photo Challenge – September 1st!”

  1. These are so fun, & I love them! I am doing a different challenge this month with Nicky M from The Shimmer Within Her. I was wondering if you would mind if I saved this, & did it as a tag instead of a challenge?

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