To Ben, From B.G.

Hey guys! I know this isn’t the best drawing, but I drew this for Ben over at Meerkat Musings! In addition to being kind, Ben created the great blog Coalition of the Brave! Please check out Ben’s wonderful blogs!

Drawing by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety Timon from The Lion King

21 Replies to “To Ben, From B.G.”

      1. As a perfectionist, I understand that wish. As a viewer of the drawing (who can’t draw without using a “guide”), I think it’s really good!!

        How long did it take you to draw?

      2. I can’t draw a straight line without a tutorial (it’s not tracing, but I still think it’s “cheating” because they tell me where to put the lines & whatnot). Using a reference is totally different… but my opinions are weird. LOL

        I saw the comments back & forth on Ben’s page & it seemed like you did the drawing in only an hour or two. I’m so very impressed, even if it took longer. It’s great work.

      3. Wow!! Only an hour? Then I’m thoroughly & truly amazed!

        It was on the page where he posted his attempts to draw meerkats, where the first one said “I guess it’s some sort of comic,” the second said “that’s a little better,” & the third said “I look like a bear!” I thought that was so cute. Then I saw the link to all your drawings & they’re just so wonderful!

        (For some reason, WP dislikes me & I can’t get an email notification for the comments on Ben’s/Darth Timon’s page unless I get emailed for every comment. I promise I’m not cyber stalking. LOL)

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