Inside Out Book Tag!

I was checking out my reader and saw this on Kendra’s blog! I love the questions so I decided to participate! Please check out Kendra’s blog, Reads and Treats!

Inside Out Book Tag
Found on Kendra’s Blog!







I: Inside Flap / Back of Book Summaries. Too much info? Or not enough? Discuss!

I think the back of the book gives just enough info but I don’t usually read the inside flap in case they give away too much.

N: New Book. Be Honest: Which format do you want it in? Audio, hardcover, paperback, or ebook?

100% Paperback.

S: Scribble While You Read? Do you write in your books, or keep them clean? Tell us why.

Keep it clean! The only writing that should be in a book is the author’s!

I: In Your Best Written Voice Read Us Your Favorite First Sentence From a Book.

I have no idea what my favorite sentence is right now!

D: Does It Matter to You Whether the Author is Male or Female when Deciding to Read a Book? What if you’re unsure of author’s gender?

I’ve always been drawn more to male authors. I know this is going to sound horrible (especially since I want to be an author), but I feel like women usually write romance and young adult stuff – two things I’m really not into. However, there have been books that I really liked and then found out that a woman wrote it after all!

E: Ever Read Ahead? Or have you read the last page before you got there?

Only when it came to some books for school. I’m sorry but some of those are just boring!

O: Organized Bookshelves or Outrageous Bookshelves?

Organized. However, if things aren’t perfect, that’s okay with me too.

U: Under Oath: Have You Ever Bought a Book Based On the Cover? … The Cover Alone?

Probably when I was younger. I wouldn’t do it now.

T: Take it Outside or Stay In?

Stay in. Reading outside can be okay at times though too.




16 Replies to “Inside Out Book Tag!”

  1. I agree. As an English teacher, I really hate some of the novels students are assigned. I really think some of them need to be changed.

  2. This is a different Inside Out tag to the ones I’ve seen (where you talk about Joy, Sadness etc). I completely agree with your points on annotation. As an English student, it’s ironic, but I can’t bear to (and won’t) write in my texts!

      1. I can relate 😂
        I don’t know why people would do that anyway – you’ve far more space to make notes in an actual notebook than in the margin. It seems like a no-brainier as to what you should do??

      2. I know! I also find it kind of inconsiderate when people highlight stuff and then sell it. I mean, yeah, it’s good to get the book cheap but it’s distracting when they highlighted stuff that isn’t important for what you’re learning!

  3. Mandatory books are usually a pain in the ass! That’s why I now avoid classics. They are always picking the worst or the most boring. I am not looking forward to my new list of books for the semester to come…

  4. I’m definitely doing this tag! I’m not a fan of classics, either. I loved the Young Adult Literature class that I took in college. It was my last semester before I graduated, and it was one of my favorite English classes ever.

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