August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 11th

Hey guys! So today’s letter is ‘K’, but to be honest, I don’t really have a favorite singer or group that starts with the letter. However, the most songs I have on my iPod under the letter are songs by Kelly Clarkson. I actually only have three, but the other singer/groups I have on my iPod under ‘K’ (Kansas and Kylie Minogue) only have one song that I really like. Kelly Clarkson has Walk Away (my favorite by her), Because of You, and Since U Been Gone. I do love the song Walk Away which I could listen to a million times. It kind of reminds me of someone I dated for a little while.

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Google Images

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12 Replies to “August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 11th”

  1. Kelly Clarkson is one of my all-time favorites! Walk Away is one of my favorites, along with a few others: A Moment Like This, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), Heartbeat Song, War Paint, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Invincible, Since U Been Gone, Don’t You Wanna Stay, Dark Side, Beautiful Disaster.

    I could listen to her voice for days. I desperately want to see her perform live!

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