Guest Post by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety – The Truth About Writing: It’s Not That Simple

Rae from Bookmark Chronicles was kind enough to feature this guest post of mine! Thanks Rae!


Hi all,

B.G. from Getting Through Anxiety has written another wonderful guest post. If you aren’t familiar with her yet make sure you check out her blog!


“Everyone can write.”

I hate when people say this. While I understand that many people can yes, literally write, that’s not what people mean when they say this. No. What people usually mean when they say this is that anyone can write a good story. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s true.

Writing takes talent and practice. While anyone can string words together and write about their experiences, not everyone can do it well. I remember telling this woman once that I wanted to be a writer and she made some comment about how anyone could do it. Now she wasn’t saying that writing wasn’t important or that true authors didn’t need much skill…

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8 Replies to “Guest Post by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety – The Truth About Writing: It’s Not That Simple”

      1. Really, I feel like I ought to be thanking you!! You put into words something that I’ve felt, but never expressed. Perhaps I didn’t have the words, the skills, or the combination of the two. But you knocked it out of the park!

      2. That’s sweet of you to say. My creative writing… eeehhh, it could use some work. A lot of work. But, it’s still really sweet of you to say.

        Your work is impressive as heck, though. This brought up some feelings for me, so I know what you’ve written does connect to readers on an emotional level even while you’re describing how writing needs to do so.

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