August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 10th

My favorite artist whose name starts with a “J” is actually also my favorite artist in general. Who is it? JEWEL! She was the first person I ever saw in concert and she was fantastic! Other than her holiday CDs and kid albulms, I have almost all of her disks. It’s not pictured below, but my favorite is This Way! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out her music. She has a beautiful voice!


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13 Replies to “August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 10th”

  1. I haven’t heard anything from Jewel since her debut album, but I loved it. This makes me think I should check her out again. After all, I love her voice & the fact that she’s a “true” artist who writes & performs (for the most part) her own work.

    1. You should totally check her out again! I also love that she writes most of her songs. So many people don’t do that these days. Plus, her voice is amazing! I could recommend some of her CDs if you’d like! Let me know! I did take a picture for this post of most of the ones I own. Like I said though, my favorite is This Way which I have but isn’t pictured.

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