August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 4th

Today is a little harder when it comes to the challenge. I was looking at my iPod to see what artists I have that start with the letter ‘D’. The most songs listed under one band/singer’s name is under Destiny’s Child (Survivor, Soldier, Check On It, Jumpin, Bug a Boo). However, while I like their music, I don’t really listen to their songs as much as I used to. I do, however, think the song Survivor is great for getting through hard times. In fact, I often think of anxiety as what the song is talking about instead of a past boyfriend. Another one of the few artists I have listed that start with the letter ‘D’ is Don McLean who of course wrote American Pie, a song that I love. I don’t really think I have a favorite band or artist that starts with the letter ‘D’, but I like both the song Survivor by Destiny’s Child and American Pie by Don McLean a great deal, so I’m going to go with those.

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8 thoughts on “August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 4th

  1. Oh, I didn’t even think about Don McLean!! I love him!! American Pie is one of my favorite songs!! Good choice! I like Destiny’s Child too, but like you, I really don’t listen to them much anymore. Sometimes when I get with friends we listen to 90’s music for nostalgic purposes.:)

  2. Ariel Lynn says:

    I had to laugh a little, because I looked at my iPod to try & find a “D” artist yesterday & all I had was Destiny’s Child. I had almost identical thoughts you had about choosing them… I like them, but I don’t particularly love them. Then I looked up names of artists in an alphabetic list to see who I was forgetting… there were so many artists!

    I’m probably going to have to do the same look up today. I don’t think I have any “E” artists on my iPod!

    Survivor is absolutely an anthem for overcoming hardship: Whether it’s depression, anxiety, mistreatment by family, friends, or loved ones… it all applies, imo.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you about the song Survivor and I totally know what you mean about Destiny’s Child. There one of the groups that I like their songs but sometimes when I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle, I skip their songs. I think you have to be in the mood to listen to them.

      I think looking on your iPod for answers is a great way to do it because you tend to forget so many. Of course, some songs you love but don’t have on your iPod so then you REALLY forget, lol!

      • Ariel Lynn says:

        I know what you mean!! I have several different external hard-drives filled with music (& other stuff, of course) & I can’t fit it all on my iPod, so I thought searching an alphabetical list would help me remember, “Hey, I really love that artist even though they’re not on my iPod right now!”

        Today’s choice on my blog is one of those artists. I have tons of her music (somewhere lol) & I LOVE her music. But she’s not on my iPod right now.

        So, I do both to make sure that I’m picking one of my very favorite. I think this challenge is really fantastic b/c it makes me (& others, hopefully!) think about these artists.

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