August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 3rd

After careful consideration, my favorite singer with a first name that starts with a ‘C’ is Carrie Underwood! I’m not a huge country music fan (in fact, for the most part I hate it), but I really like a few of Carrie Underwood’s songs. Some of the songs include: Before He Cheats, Songs Like This, Undo It, and Cowboy Casanova. I think she has a beautiful voice!

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6 Replies to “August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 3rd”

  1. Carrie is a pretty good singer. I love these songs: Some Hearts, Wasted, Flat On The Floor, All-American Girl, Just a Dream, Cowboy Casanova, Undo It, Good Girl, Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, Smoke Break, Something in the Water, and Little Toy Guns. She does go a little too far with her voice though!

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