August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 1st

Happy August 1st everyone! Today’s challenge is to pick your favorite singer/band that starts with the letter ‘A’. I choose Alanis Morrisette! My favorite songs by her are: Hand in My Pocket, Head Over Feet, and Ironic (yes, I know, the things she list aren’t really ironic. Get over it!)


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Google Images

Wanna participate? See schedule below!



12 Replies to “August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 1st”

      1. Yeah, I agree. I don’t listen to her as much as I used to, I think she was my go to when I wanted to feel rebellious as a teenager, but I still enjoy some of her music. I think what I love more is the nostalgia I get from listening to her now.

      1. They are fantastic, but I think I have one left… if we count the indefinite article “A”… which I do. 😉

      2. Band names that start with “A” something, or “An” if the second word starts with a vowel.

        Yes, I had to Google indefinite article. I was never taught the parts of a sentence in school. LOL

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