Thoughts On Characters Who Come Back to Life

Okay so I know that this is post is totally unrelated to anxiety or mental health, but it’s something that’s been on my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about how when characters in a show die and then they’re brought back to life due to fans not liking that they died.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been characters that when they died, I feel the show totally went down the tubes. An example of this would be Prue in Charmed. I understand they had issues with Shannen Doherty and everything, but once they got rid of her character, I really feel the show lost its touch. Do I wish they never killed off the character? I guess. However, it’s just a show and honestly, I feel like even if you’re upset about a character dying, if the show’s still good, who cares? Let me give you an example.

Warning: If you haven’t watched up until the end of Season 4 in Arrow and you don’t want to know who dies, STOP READING! You can come back after this paragraph!

Apparently, Katie Cassidy is coming back in some form or another to the ‘DCTV Universe’ ( Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Katie Cassidy as Supernatural’s Ruby and she was okay as Laurel Lance in Arrow, but when she died in Arrow, I didn’t feel much loss. To be honest, I kind of liked that for once, a TV show killed off a semi-important character. I think that it takes guts to do this. However, now fans are complaining so they’re going to bring her back. I’m honestly hoping they don’t bring her back to Arrow. It’s not that I don’t like Katie Cassidy as an actress or Laurel as a character, I just think it’s good that a TV show killed off an important character – it shows that things happen and that life isn’t always perfect.

If you didn’t read the section above due to not seeing Arrow yet, you can come back now!

I can totally understand bringing some characters back to life. For example, Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural. There are tons of seasons of the fantastic show and you can’t kill off the two main characters for good (until, of course, maybe the end of the series)! Also, I have no problem with bringing characters back as cameos. For example, if a character dies, but they’re in the show as a flashback or a ‘what if they didn’t die’ episode, that’s fine. Sometimes though, I think characters should stay dead – even if it’s hard for us to let them go.

What do you guys think? Should characters who die be brought back to life?


14 thoughts on “Thoughts On Characters Who Come Back to Life

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I really hate it!!! It’s become such a crux in TV shows, that I don’t usually get upset anymore when someone dies because I don’t think they’re dead. I wait a few episodes expecting to them come back, and then I’m confused when they don’t, and I go, ‘Oh, did they actually die? For real?’ And I think, if you start having that reaction, it’s become too much and takes away a lot of the impact when someone actually does die.

  2. Ariel Lynn says:

    Man… that’s a tough one. This reminds me of a great show that killed off one of the main characters, reportedly had some serious backlash, & then brought the character back… but I can’t say, for sure, that this character wasn’t already going to come back before the backlash occurred. Perhaps the writers had already written part of the next season & they had already brought the character back before they knew that there were some people out there who had some issues telling fantasy from reality.

    In this example, people apparently wrote death threats to a young actor (we’re talking around 11 years old) who was portrayed as killing the main character. That’s what I call “backlash.” But, then the main character reappeared in the beginning of the next season.

    It’s a real chicken or the egg situation in my opinion.

    • Wow, fans can be so extreme! I guess in that situation, I can see them bringing back the character but then again that kind of says to fans that harassing others will get them what they want. I think writers should assess their decisions more before they make them. Thanks for commenting!

      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Well, I’m referring to a very popular show, with a very dedicated fan base (it’s Game of Thrones). But, like I said… the writers might have already decided to bring the character back & felt that the particular death was important to the story line. I hope it wasn’t due to the negative reaction.

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