July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 27th

Today’s challenge is to pick the TV show with the best special effects. I pick Supernatural! I think the special effects are AMAZING!

Google Images


Google Images
Google Images
Google Images

Wanna Participate? Check out the schedule below!


14 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 27th”

  1. Oh & here’s a link to some challenge questions. I don’t like all of the questions, but I do like some of them. Just an idea, maybe to get the creative juices flowing….

      1. Thanks for mentioning it! I looked it up and it looked pretty cool, though a little staged. It kind of seemed like they were acting too hard? I don’t know, it probably just seemed like that because it was a trailer. Can’t wait until November 25th! 🙂

      2. That’s cool! Along with tons of stuff I’m waiting for to come back (Arrow, Supernatural, etc.), I’m also looking forward to this new show called Frequency about a woman who talks to her father through the radio!

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