July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 26th

Today on the docket for the TV Show Photo Challenge is favorite sci-fi show! For my favorite sci-fi show, I pick Haven! I’ve seen the whole series and own 3 of the seasons so far!


Google Images
Google Images
Google Images

Wanna Participate? Check out the schedule below!



13 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 26th”

    1. You should check the show out! It’s great! Some of the seasons are on Netflix if you have it. You are always welcome to participate in the last few days of July if you want! I’m not sure what I’m planning for next month. Suggestions? I’m going to ask my friend Carla if she wants to help me make the challenge again. You can help as well!

      1. ohh….I love challenges!! I don’t know if you’re familiar with my blog or not, but I am currently doing The 52 weeks of gratitude challenge, of course that is a yearly one! Hmmm…. I have browsed Pinterest for some challenge ideas. Let me think & I’ll get back to you! Thanks for including me! 🙂

        Oh, & I have Netflix! I will definitely check out the show! I actually just finished watching Stranger Things, and I really liked it!

      2. I’ll check out your challenge! I quickly saw it but need to look again! I hope if you watch Haven you enjoy it! You’ll have to let me know. I’ve heard that Stranger Things is good.

      3. Ha! I’ve been watching re-runs with my dad when he watches. I just got to the part with him when Castiel comes in for the first time. It’s even better seeing it the second time!

      4. Oh Yes! I own almost all of the seasons, plus they are on Netflix, so while I wait for the new season to come out, I go back and watch from season 1 to current. I’ve done this for years! It’s tradition now!

      5. It’s similar to the Tv Show, but you could do the same thing with movies. A book challenge, recipe challenge, random photo challenge, music challenge, Disney challenge, etc… Or a get to know you challenge with 31 very random/off the wall questions. I have lots of ideas!

      6. Cool! I was thinking maybe characters or actors…something like that. I’ve done book challenges, and they can be a bit tricky after a while. I tended to repeat my choices.

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