July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 20th

Okay so for today’s challenge, I’m kind of doing things in reverse. Instead of a TV show that was adapted into a movie, I’m doing a movie that was adapted into a TV show! I’ve seen both the movie and the show and like them both. However, I have to say that I think I actually prefer the TV show!

Google Images


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2 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 20th”

  1. Nice! Stephen King is so cool!

    My husband just binge-watched “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Think Stephen King mashed up with Steven Spielberg, set in 1983. I wasn’t super keen on it, but Al loved it!

    1. I saw that! I didn’t know Steven King was involved! I might have to check that out! I just recently saw the movie Quicksilver Highway based off a short story of Steven Kings that I read (Chattery Teeth) and a story by another author. Christopher Lloyd was in it and it was so good!

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