July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 17th

Today’s challenge is to pick a favorite TV animal. This one is so easy for me to pick! It’s Eddie (Moose, Enzo) from Frasier! He’s so cute and he’s an amazing actor (even if he’s a dog!).

Google Images
Google Images
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8 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 17th”

    1. I didn’t watch much of Full House but have seen a few pictures of Comet and he is cute. I love Eddie so much. I like how he’s in more than just one show and how he’s a regular. I hate so much when in like one episode you’ll see a character with a pet and suddenly, they’re never around again!

  1. The only other TV pet I can even think of is Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch, although he doesn’t really count as a pet. Eddie was the best though, they gave him so much personality

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