July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 16th

Okay, so technically this challenge is a tie. The two shows I’ve watched with the most seasons are Frasier and Supernatural. Supernatural is technically going to eventually have 12 seasons total, but has only had 11 so far. Frasier also had 11 seasons and I’ve both seen them all and own them all. I’ve seen all 11 seasons of Supernatural (and will watch the 12th!) but only own 1 season so far! So for today’s challenge, I’ve chosen Frasier!


Wanna Participate? Check out the schedule below!


4 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 16th”

    1. That’s cool! Frasier’s great and I love Eddie, who I’ll be talking about tomorrow for favorite TV pet! I love the episode where in the beginning Niles is getting ready for a date and he sets his clothes on fire and stuff. Eddie’s so cute in that scene too!

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