July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 12th

While there a lot of great TV relationships, I’m going to say that my favorite romantic TV relationship is Chandler and Monica from Friends! When it comes to a relationship between family members, however, I’m going to go with Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls! I love their mother-daughter bond!

Google Images
Google Images

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14 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 12th”

    1. I know and it’s such a great show! I forgot how cute Jared Padalecki (Dean) was in the beginning too! I loved him and Rory together in the first couple of seasons! Are you looking forward to the new shows of Gilmore Girls coming out?

      1. I am actually! I used to watch when I was younger and then last summer I rewatched the whole series. When I heard about the reboot I was so excited. I’ve heard both Jess and Logan are returning (I don’t know about Dean) so it will be interesting

      2. I don’t remember everything perfectly, but I think I thought Logan was a jerk. I think I liked Dean but then he got annoying. Personally, I think if in the end she ends up with someone, it should be Jess. I don’t know. We’ll see! 🙂 I’m not sure when exactly it’s coming out!

      3. Oh Logan definitely started off as a joke but I also got mad at Jess for when he was avoiding Rory. I have know idea when the release date is but I hope it’s announced soon

  1. I love this! I think I’ve found my next series of posts. Thank you!

    However, since it’s July 12th, I need to play catch-up, haha!

    Thanks again for your comment on my Movie Marathons post!

      1. I’ve decided that I’ll lump the first 15 posts into one, and I’ll publish that on Friday the 15th. After that, I’ll do daily posts for the rest of the month. I like the challenge!

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