July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 9th

Have you ever watched a full series of a show and then afterwards found yourself wondering why? Well sadly I have! Here’s the worst show I’ve ever watched in full!

Google Images

I’m not saying the show was all bad, but after it ended and a little while watching it, I found it kind of annoying! I must have been really bored and that’s why I got through the whole series! I also kind of originally liked Amy’s character and then over time, I felt they really messed it up!

On another note, a famous show that I don’t understand all the hype about? Everybody Loves Raymond! I just don’t get what’s so funny and great about it!

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15 thoughts on “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 9th

    • Ha, yeah! I watched it in my mid twenties too and I don’t know why I watched it! It kind of stereotyped teenagers if you ask me and so many of the girls were annoying! Plus I think they made Amy’s character a bit bitchy.

  1. omg I watched maybe two season of Secret Life before I got sick of it. I also watched Pretty Little Liars until recently because there’s no longer any point to and I hate all reality TV. That wasn’t really a cohesive answer but I feel like there’s a lot of option for this one lol

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