July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 9th

Have you ever watched a full series of a show and then afterwards found yourself wondering why? Well sadly I have! Here’s the worst show I’ve ever watched in full!

Google Images

I’m not saying the show was all bad, but after it ended and a little while watching it, I found it kind of annoying! I must have been really bored and that’s why I got through the whole series! I also kind of originally liked Amy’s character and then over time, I felt they really messed it up!

On another note, a famous show that I don’t understand all the hype about? Everybody Loves Raymond! I just don’t get what’s so funny and great about it!

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15 Replies to “July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 9th”

    1. Ha, yeah! I watched it in my mid twenties too and I don’t know why I watched it! It kind of stereotyped teenagers if you ask me and so many of the girls were annoying! Plus I think they made Amy’s character a bit bitchy.

  1. omg I watched maybe two season of Secret Life before I got sick of it. I also watched Pretty Little Liars until recently because there’s no longer any point to and I hate all reality TV. That wasn’t really a cohesive answer but I feel like there’s a lot of option for this one lol

    1. Yeah, Secret Life got pretty bad, I’m not sure why I watched all the seasons. I watched two episodes (maybe one and a half?) of Pretty Little Liars and thought it was really stupid! I thought it would be like Gossip Girl which I actually liked but it wasn’t!

      1. Oh my goodness I hated Jenny almost as much as I hated Serena (selfish, manipulative and runs away when she doesn’t get her way. Jenny had so much going for her and ruined it for what? To make more people hate her and humiliate her family

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