Dead Lines – A Book Review


Copyright: 2004

Rating: 5/5

My Synopsis:

Peter Russel has suffered much loss. He has lost his daughter and now, his best friend, Phil has passed away as well. After his best years of making low-budget horror films and movies with a lot of nudity but no actual sex have faded away, Peter decides that he should invest in a friend of a friend’s newest venture. He never expects just how much investing in a new type of cell phone company will change his life forever…

My Opinion:

I’ve always said that this was my favorite book, but after not reading it for years, I began to wonder if there was still any truth to this fact. Now after reading Dead Lines again, I can honestly say that it is my favorite book ever! Greg Bear is able to deliver a truly creepy and thought-provoking novel, something that’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Even though this book was written over ten years ago, Dead Lines is still great. With how much we depend on technology today, it really does make you question things. This is by far the best ghost story I’ve ever read. Bear makes you feel as if there really is the possibility of the supernatural.

This story is more than just a ghost story. The way that Bear portrays the characters is truly amazing. He talks about a mourning father, a bitter ex-wife who is trying her best, a somewhat lost twin sister who has lost her only sibling, the issue of greed, murder, and the search for answers. This novel’s imagery and plot is brilliant and I highly recommend that anyone who loves a good, frightening story read Dead Lines!

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