Coalition of the Brave!

Hey guys! So in a recent post I mentioned that Ben from Meerkat Musings has created a new blog, Coalition of the Brave! Ben has invited some great writers to join him in this wonderful project. Please take the time to check out this wonderful blog! To check it out, you can click here or find a link on the top menu of my blog! Here’s the blog description that you can find on the home page:

Welcome. Whether you’ve found this site at the recommendation of a friend, stumbled across a link on another site or forum, or simply come across us via a time-honoured Google search, welcome.
Who are we? We’re the Coalition of the Brave. What does that mean? Read on.
The world right now holds a lot of anger, and a lot of hate. People wield religion, sexuality, gender and race as weapons to spread fear and revulsion, whipping others into a frenzy. This has to stop. Far too much of it is borne out of ignorance, and it has to stop.
That’s where we come in. This site is a platform for anyone who values life and believes compassion to be a stronger force than hate. Here, we discuss things. We may disagree with you, and even amongst ourselves, but we do so without hostility. Here, we take a stand against ignorance and hate. We are all human beings, with far more in common than we realise. We let things that should not matter divide us – not here. Here, we are brave enough to talk to each other.

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