Please Stop Doubting Yourself!

Today I really realized something: there are way too many highly talented people doubting their abilities.

I think we’ve all been there. We love to do something and although we’ve managed to get a lot of great compliments on how talented we are, we focus instead on the few negative comments that we hear instead. We begin to wonder if we’re truly good at something or if  we’ve just been fooling ourselves.

Let’s take me for example. While this is extremely difficult for me to talk about (it bruised my ego pretty badly), I think it’s necessary that I do. I got all excited when I was asked to write something for money, but then I found out that the individual refused to pay me for what I wrote. Instead of liking my writing like I hoped they would, they said some really horrible things about it, making me feel like I had no talent whatsoever.

This was hard to deal with and admittedly it still hurts. It’s not that the person wasn’t happy with my writing that bothers me (everyone’s entitled to their opinion and as a writer, I need to accept criticism), but rather just how unhappy they were and how they said so many awful things. I admit that it really made me question my abilities and even now, I’m still having a little trouble believing that I’m a good writer.

The thing is though, that I have gotten tons of positive feedback for my writing. I’ve had a lot of positive responses to my posts on here, the articles I write for The Seeds 4 Life, and some of my poems and stories as well!

I was talking to a good friend of mine and they mentioned how they were worried that they weren’t making much of a difference in the blogging community. I have to say that I think this is far from the truth. The posts that they write are full of inspiration and remind me how I’m not alone in my struggle. The fact that they question their talents surprised me to say the least. I wondered how a person who is so talented in so many ways can think that they aren’t making a difference!

As I mentioned, I consider this individual is a really good friend. I may have not met him in person, but I can tell that he cares about my well-being. This person’s friendship means the world to me and I’m happy that we’re both there to help each other when things get tough.

The point that I’m trying to make is that there are going to be times when we all question our talents. There will be moments when our confidence is shaken and when we wonder if the compliments we receive are genuine, or are just said to spare our feelings. However, it’s only fair that if we’re willing to accept the negative comments as true, that we must do the same with the positive ones. Also, sometimes negative comments are said because others are jealous, want to hurt you for some reason, or simply don’t want to be responsible for giving you the praise that you deserve. I’m not saying that criticisms shouldn’t be taken as a way to improve, but I’m saying that negative feedback is not the only kind that counts.

Please, please, please start giving yourselves the credit you deserve! I have read so many helpful posts ever since I started blogging. Please stop selling yourself short. Remember all of the positive comments you’ve received, not just the negative. Have you received nice, positive comments on your blog posts? Have you received blog awards? Have you been published? Have you been given compliments on your personality? Have others said good things about you? All of these things matter!!

Yes, there are times when we might hear things that don’t exactly make us happy. We may write something and get a bad review, we may hear negative words spoken about us, or we may just feel like we fell short of a goal. While we shouldn’t always write off these criticisms (sometimes we need to take them all in and use them to improve ourselves), we need to realize that sometimes criticisms are simply cruel words from people who aren’t worth listening to.

I ask that you all take some time and reflect on your talents, your abilities. Reflect on how kind you are, how talented you are, and how giving you are. If you’ve contributed something positive to the world (and so many of you have), then you have made a difference. Please don’t ever doubt that!

I want to thank all the people who continue to support me. 🙂 ❤



4 thoughts on “Please Stop Doubting Yourself!

  1. I struggle with being good enough. Perfectionism leaves no room for constructive criticism in my book. It’s personal no matter what. Again that’s me I’m not saying that about you… See there I go worrying that my writing with be critiqued. Ugh lol

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