June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 13th

June Movie Photo Challenge:

Made from a Book:

So while I do have this movie, I’m feeling kind of anxious and don’t feel like digging for it, so I’m going to use a picture from Google Images. Also, I know Stephen King would probably hate that I’m choosing this movie since he supposedly doesn’t like it, but that’s too bad. I like it! I admit though that I’ve actually never read the book to compare it to.

Wanna participate? Check out the schedule below!


June Book Challenge:

While I didn’t feel up to digging for The Shining, I did know exactly where this book was. I’m getting a little creative here, because honestly, this is probably the only book that really makes me want to travel. It’s a tour book that I got from a Jewel concert that I went to!




See schedule below! For more info on the book challenge click here!





3 Replies to “June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 13th”

  1. I love The Shining! I know I haven’t posted mine (yesterday, now), I’m going to do two today (it’s technically today for me now). I didn’t want to out of respect for the Orlando massacre. It just didn’t seem right. But I think you’ll like my choices 🙂

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