Guest Post by B.G @ Getting Through Anxiety

Rae was kind enough to post something I wrote! Please check out her wonderful blog! 🙂


Hi friends! As most of you know I host a weekly meme called This or That? where I pose a question every Monday asking booklovers to choose between two scenarios and then I share the results on Friday. Today I have a guest post from B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety who was kind enough let me share her view on the question posed in This or That? #4!

If you are unfamiliar with B.G.’s blog then you should definitely click the link and give her a follow! She shares her experiences dealing with anxiety and gives really great advice for anyone who may be going through the same thing. She’s also super creative and invents fun tags and monthly blog challenges!

Tangible Books in All Their Glory

               iPads, Kindles, Nooks. All of these pieces of technology have a major thing in common: you…

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6 Replies to “Guest Post by B.G @ Getting Through Anxiety”

  1. I agree!! I so prefer books. I have a tablet for when we go away – it’s not that I mind the weight, so much, but I read way too fast. Incredibly fast. I read the Harry Potter series in a week, whilst on our honeymoon, whilst doing a LOT of other things. It’s insane. My husband can’t believe it. Once, we were flying for a day, and I finished three books. So, while I MUCH prefer to have the books, I’ve found that having some sort of e-book is very much a necessity for travel for me! Great post, btw!

  2. Hi B.G. I came here through a looong trail.. saw you on my blog.. went over to read yours The Seeds 4 Life.. just cudnt find any comment option there.. found you run this blog too.. so came here to leave a word with you..
    Just wanna say your other blog is a great one! I am an anxiety (n lot other) survivor too n currently follow almost exact stances your Seeds.. blog featured.. Keep writing.. keep the faith.. such a joy to find a soul like you.. much love.. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! While The Seeds 4 Life isn’t my blog, I do write many seeds on there! I’m sorry that you struggle with anxiety but am happy to hear that you’re getting better. I wish you all the best and any time you want to talk, I’m here. I look forward to checking out your blog! 🙂

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