June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 6th

June Movie Photo Challenge:

Favorite Romantic Pairing:

This is a great movie and I love the chemistry between characters Maggie (Meg Ryan) and Sam (Matthew Broderick). While the characters have a very different outlook on life, they work together beautifully and make a wonderful couple. The movie is witty, fun, and a great romantic comedy! I love how well the movie illustrates that opposites really can attract!



Wanna participate? Check out the schedule below!


June Book Challenge:

To be honest, I can’t remember if I ever bought a book just for the cover. If I did, it was probably when I was a lot younger and I can’t really remember what book it would have been. Sorry guys!

See schedule below! For more info on the book challenge click here!



4 Replies to “June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 6th”

  1. Ooh, get it now! I could totally easily do the book one, can I start late? Do I use a specific hash tag or tag or something? Sorry for being thick😜

      1. Great! I have no charger cable at the moment (damn chewing cat!) but I think it’s coming on Saturday, so I’ll start then 🙂

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