July Challenge Question!

Hey guys! So I had been thinking and was considering doing another photo challenge for next month. However, before I would create it, I’d love to know if you guys would enjoy participating! I’m considering making the challenge like the June Photo Challenge, but instead of with movies, having the pictures of TV Shows. I’m also pondering maybe making it a Color Photo Challenge where each day you take a photo of something that’s a different summer color. Any thoughts? If anyone would like to participate in either a TV Show Photo Challenge or Color Photo Challenge for next month, I’d love to hear your opinions. Also, if anyone would like to help me create the challenge, I’d be open to suggestions! Thanks!

In the meantime, feel free to participate in the June Movie Photo Challenge! It’s never too late to participate!


9 Replies to “July Challenge Question!”

    1. I’m trying to decide if for next month, I should have each day be a photo of a TV Show or something of a certain color. For example, maybe on July 1st the photo will be of a “favorite TV show” and July 2nd will be of a “Drama TV show” etc. or I was thinking that maybe each day of the month could be a picture of something of a different color? I’m trying to decide what’s the better idea. Thoughts?

      1. Ooh, I don’t watch telly or folks so that’s too difficult! I was thinking of the idea of having an open ended question each day so we all get to know each other better? Or is that not what you’re after?

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