Grains of Sand – May ’16

Hey guys! Once again I’m going to post my Grains of Sand! I highly recommend you guys consider participating! It’s a great way to track the accomplishments you’ve made!

-Started reading The Da Vinci Code
• After watching the movie, I was really interested in reading the book!
-Reached 500 followers!
• Thank you guys SO much! I am so appreciative of everyone who reads, comments on, and follows my blog! Your guys’ support means so much to me and I can’t possibly thank you enough! I am so happy to have met you guys and to be part of this amazing writing experience!
• Made a lot of progress with my anxiety!
○ As expected, this felt and continues to feel, AMAZING!
• Participated in May Photo A Day Challenge
• Participated in May Book Challenge
• Created my own version of the Photo A Day Challenge. Check it out here!
○ I thought this was really creative and enjoyed creating it!
• Went to a restaurant and did really well!


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