May Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – May 31st

May Photo Challenge:

Unfortunately, today’s kind of a lazy day for the challenge. When I realized where the hat was that I was looking for, I realized it would take a lot of maneuvering to get to it. I was not in the mood for that! However, I did find a picture of the hat on Google Images. So in my defense, I really do own this – it’s just not my picture!

May Book Challenge:

Okay, I did take this picture and I know it’s a repeat. To be honest though, I only really read one book this month and I’m still reading it. At first I was doing really well with it, but then I started not reading it for days. It’s not that it’s not interesting or that I don’t want to be reading it, I just haven’t been. I plan on reading more today though!


Wanna participate? See schedule below!












Stay tuned for the June Movie Photo Challenge and June Book Challenge! For more info, click here! Thanks for checking out my photos for this month’s challenge and for participating if you did so!

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