the natural woman (a discussion)

Hey guys! I’m a big believer on how women (and men) should have the choice of whether or not they wear makeup! Please check out Alex’s great blog!

fc2c76753541 Photography by Julia Hetta

Currently my school is going on a rampage to stop girls from wearing ‘too much make-up’ and wearing short skirts. They are doing this by publicly shaming girls infront of their peers and considering anyone who wears a lot of make up/a short skirt to be an unintelligent, dumb slut who is not worth employing. My evidence for this? Well firstly, they completely overlook girls such as myself who they would never expect to even try to look beautiful (even though I contour and wear glittery eye shadow every single day) but focus on those they expect to conform to the stereotypes they are looking for and unfairly target them instead. Which shows that their search is biased and does not comply with the school’s ethos of equality. They don’t seem to think of make up as an art form of self empowerment, but only a…

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