We are all broken

Hey guys! Please check out this great post by Matt over at In Silence We Suffer!

In Silence We Suffer

Our problems and issues can sometimes blind us to those of others. We think we are the only ones suffering, but even those closest to us can feel pain without us noticing. But there’s a simple truth which we learn as we age, and it’s something that can improve our lives: we are all broken.

We all have scratches, bruises and scars, both physically and emotionally, from the events in our life leading up to this moment. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is innocent. We have all made mistakes and we all hold regrets. If we’re honest, we’re ashamed of them. Hence why we never admit these feelings to friends and family, and they don’t reciprocate either.

There are times when even the best of us can only see the worst of the world in which we live. The pain, the hurt, the suffering, it all becomes too much, it consumes us. It…

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