Liebster Award #10

C. from You’re Not Alone In This World just nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much, C. ! She’s a great blogger and is openly honest about her struggles. Please visit her wonderful blog!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. Write a 150-300 word post on your favorite blog that is not your own. Explain why this blog is your favorite and provide links.
  4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5-11 bloggers that have less than 200 followers for this award.
  6. List the rules in your post.
  7. Inform your nominees that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for their blogs.
  8. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

Current Favorite Blog(s):

I actually currently answered this question. Please check here! The truth is that there are a lot of blogs that I love – almost too many to name them all. I feel bad just naming one or even just naming ten! So please know that the ones I listed are just a few of my favorites!

10 Random Facts

1.) I’ve never had lobster and have absolutely no desire to try it.

2.) So far, I personally only own one full series of a TV show. That show is Friends. However, as a family we own more full series than one. I’m trying to get all the Haven DVDs. So far, I have three of the six!

3.) Of all the characters in Friends, Rachel is my favorite of the women and Chandler is my favorite of the guys!

4.) Between my dad and I, we have a total of six Funko Pops! I want more!

5.) I used to collect Beanie Babies. I still have a lot of them. I find it too hard to part with them.

6.) So far, I’ve had two rabbits, two hamsters, and a lot of fish. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a fish again (unless of course I eventually have kids and they want one). I did not have the best of luck with fish. 😦

7.) I think the first “scary” movie I saw was Secret Window with Johnny Depp. Good movie!

8.) I used to hate Tom Hanks as an actor! I thought he seemed so conceited! He still kind of does give off that vibe but I don’t dislike him as much as I used to!

9.) I just saw an episode of the show Houdini and Doyle. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching more.

10.) After I finish reading The Da Vinci Code, I think I might re-read Wicked!

Questions From C. : 

  1. If you could go back in time before you where diagnosed with a mental illness, what would you tell youself? 
    • I’d tell myself to try to enjoy life and not obsess about everything! Obsessing sends you down a very dangerous path and leads to overwhelming amounts of anxiety!
  2. Where all have you traveled in your lifetime so far? 
    • I’m just going to name a few: Chicago, Florida, and New York City.
  3. Favorite college? 
    • I’m gonna skip this, but where I went! 🙂
  4. If I was to ask 10 year old you, “what do you wanna do when you’re grown up” what would 10 year old you have said? 
    • Wow, good question. I liked to write and read then, but I’m not sure I thought of it as a possible profession. Maybe I would have said a fashion designer? Or maybe I would have known then I wanted to be a writer.
  5. Your definition of a bad day? 
    • When my anxiety takes control and causes me to not do what I want. When it stops me from enjoying myself.
  6. What food do you hate that most people seem to love? 
    • I’m gonna go with scrambled eggs. Disgusting!
  7. See any new movies lately? If so, what was it? Would you recommend it? 
    • It’s not a new movie in general, but I hadn’t seen it until a few days ago. It’s called Firewall with Harrison Ford. It’s on Netflix and I’d recommend it. It is a little violent though. I also just saw The Da Vinci Code which was great!
  8. Favorite subject to study? (Can me middle, high, college, etc).
    • English!
  9. Did/Do you play sports? If so, what sport(s)?
    • Ha, ha, ha. NO!
  10. Favorite holiday tradition?
    • It used to be when my mom’s side of the family came over on Christmas and we all opened gifts and then my dad’s side would come later to eat dinner with us. We haven’t done that in a long time though. I’d have to say maybe going to my Grandpa’s on Thanksgiving and then going to my Uncle’s.
  11. Black n white or colored photos?
    • Colored photos!

My Nominees:

Fox in Multicolored Socks

I Am My Own Island

Bookshelves and Biros

Daisy in the Willows

Everyone who reads my blog!


Questions For My Nominees:

1.) What’s your favorite personality trait that you possess?

2.) What’s the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?

3.) What would your dream office look like?

4.) What issue do you feel most strongly about?

5.) If you could choose one event in your life to do over again, what would you choose?

6.) Have you ever woke up from a dream crying? If so, what was the dream about (if you don’t remember or want to share, that’s fine!)

7.) Favorite sports team?

8.) Favorite brand of Shampoo?

9.) Favorite genre of book to read?

10.) What was the last movie you saw that you didn’t like?

11.) If you could be an actor/actress in a movie, which movie would you choose? Why?

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