Mental Illness Tag – B.G.

As mentioned, I’m going to participate in the Mental Illness Tag created by Becca at Becca Does Life Things. I tag everyone who struggles with mental health issues to complete this tag! If you do, please let me know in the comment section. I’d love to read your answers! For more info on this tag, read here!

1.) What mental illness do you have? Not to be picky, but I don’t consider anxiety an “illness”, I consider it a mental health issue. Anyway, I have severe anxiety.

2.) When were you diagnosed? I’m not exactly sure. A long time ago, I was diagnosed with OCD. I do think that I have a little bit of that sometimes, but I think that it mainly comes from my anxiety. I still have obsessive compulsive moments, but like I said, I think it’s all part of my anxiety. I’ve known that I’ve had anxiety for a long time. It got really bad my Junior year of high school.

3.) Who knows about it? Pretty much everyone I know. Unfortunately, my anxiety is very severe, so I explain it to a lot of people I know. It doesn’t always help because people don’t seem to understand that it’s a real issue and not just an excuse to get out of things, etc.

4.) Do you receive treatment for it? Yes. I take medicine every day and I see a therapist. I hate taking the medicine, but if it helps, it helps.

5.) Has your mental illness stopped you from doing anything? Yes, too many things. There are so many things that I used to do on a regular basis that I don’t anymore. My anxiety is very strong and oftentimes I don’t feel like I can do the things that I once did all the time and loved. I don’t think that everyone always believes it, but I really do want to go back to doing the things I love with ease.

6.) Is there anything in particular that has helped you? Yes. Having people who try to understand and who support me is really important and helps a lot. Also, seeing a therapist who understands what I go through and is helpful is beneficial. Lastly, practicing exposure therapy and exercising on a consistent basis helps as well.

7.) Can you describe what it feels like to have your mental illness? Horrible. I worry that I don’t have control over my body although I do. For example, sometimes I obsess about things that most people don’t even think about. Obsessing about things too much makes it feel like I’m unable to do things, even though I know that nothing’s physically wrong with me.

8.) What is a common misconception about your mental illness? A lot of people seem to be under the impression that I “fake” my anxiety or that I experience it because I’m “immature” or need to “grow up”. A lot of people don’t seem to understand just how scary and serious anxiety can be. Anxiety has nothing to do with being immature and most people don’t “fake” having anxiety. Anxiety is a very real issue.

9.) What do you find the most difficult to deal with? Struggling with things that should actually be simple. Also, seeing the people around me saying or thinking things that are negative and not true. It hurts to see some of my loved ones treat me the way they do because of my anxiety. Not everyone is understanding. Also, I miss doing a lot of the things I used to enjoy.

10.) Do you have anything else you’d like to say? I want to remind everyone who struggles to have hope and to try their hardest to get through their mental health issues and illnesses on a consistent basis. Never give up! To those of you who don’t struggle with mental health issues and have trouble understanding those who do, please try to be kind to those who struggle and try your hardest to try to understand.

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9 Replies to “Mental Illness Tag – B.G.”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s really sad that you find people don’t consider it a real issue when it has such a impact on so many lives. Great post though, will definitely be keeping an eye out for your other posts! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome and thanks! I too find it sad that so many people don’t believe that anxiety is a legitimate issue. Also, just because someone does not understand does NOT make it okay to be rude or mean. By the way, you’re tag is great!

      1. Sorry I disappeared off the interweb for a while! I’m not too bad loving the sunshine in London this week. How are you?

      2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been stressed. I hope things improve for you. Oo I’ve been meaning to read that book for years!

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