Fool Me Once – A Book Review

Copyright: 2016

Rating: 4/5

My Synopsis:

Maya Stern was a former special-ops pilot. She is currently a mother and widow, along with a teacher of flying classes. After her sister and husband were murdered, she begins to wonder if what some people say about her is true: that death follows her. Just when she thought things couldn’t get more frightening, she sees something unexplainable on the new nanny cam that her close friend has given her. Now Maya finds herself questioning both her sanity and the truth.

My Opinion:

This is a wonderful book. The way that Harlan Coben describes Maya’s character is amazing. She is a strong woman who is a straight-shooter. Right away we like Maya, we see what a loving mother she is and how no matter what, she will fight to find the answers.

One of the things that I think could have been improved upon in this book is that there are parts that  go rather slowly. I understand that not every book can be a constant page turner, but there were points when I didn’t pick back up the book for days. Sometimes I like a book where you can hardly put it down. This wasn’t always like that. However, towards the end, it was. I could hardly put it down and all I wanted was to find out what happened!

Also, the very ending of the book was one of the most touching endings I’ve ever read. I’ve never really felt like crying at the end of a book, but this one came close. Also, while I wasn’t sure if I totally liked the conclusion of this mystery, I did like how the end of the mystery was written and how, in the end, it all came together. I think Coben did a fantastic job of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together and in the end, keeping his readers satisfied.

The book definitely made you question things and kept you guessing. I enjoyed reading about many of the characters and liked being surprised with all the new information that was discovered throughout the story. I definitely suggest that anyone who likes mysteries, or would just like to read a really good book, read this!


2 Replies to “Fool Me Once – A Book Review”

  1. I just wanted to say … you really like Harlen Coben, right? I just feel like this author has come up a lot! It must be good. I think I’m going to check it out 🙂

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