Unkind Words: How To Arm Yourself Against Them

I’ve dealt with a few extremely negative people in my life. They say cruel things and while a huge part of me wishes I could just ignore these hateful comments, it’s not always easy. I admit that oftentimes, they really do tear me apart. No one likes hearing others say negative things about them, especially when these words come from the ones they love the most.

Recently, someone said something to me that really hurt. Even if it wasn’t meant to, it reminded me of how much more I wish I was doing with my life. Also, the comment was simply rude. However, while it didn’t make me feel 100% better, reminding myself of all the wonderful things I’ve accomplished (and will continue to) did help.

Next time someone makes a negative comment and you wonder if what they’re saying is valid, remember all of the positive things about yourself. Remember all of the amazing things that you’ve done. I guarantee that there are a lot to choose from. Let me give you an example of some of the things I’ve accomplished that help me remember that the negative comment made was not valid:

1.) I am working on a story and have written more than 100 pages so far!

  • This is a wonderful accomplishment that takes commitment. Not a lot of people can write a story let alone be so dedicated.

2.) I write this blog

  • Not only do I write this blog to help myself, but I write it to help others. I’ve met some amazing people through writing. Once again, writing and keeping up with a blog takes dedication. This isn’t a trait that everyone has.

3.) I’ve written guest posts and articles for other blogs

  • It’s been (and continues to be) an amazing journey writing for other amazing blogs. While I may not be the most talented writer in the world, I do think it takes talent to be allowed to write for such amazing blogs! Thanks to everyone who has given me this opportunity.

4.) I try every day to get through my anxiety

  • While there are definitely days when I should try even harder, I try hard to overcome my anxiety, something that’s not always easy to do. Also, even though I still struggle, I have made a lot of progress and continue to practice.

5.) I read and am currently reading a book. I’m on page 295.

  • Reading not only helps one improve their mind, but it also is something that takes dedication. It’s a healthy hobby as well.

6.) I’ve been practicing drawing and become much better at it.

  • There was a time when I wasn’t very good at drawing and hardly tried at all. Now I’m quite proud of some of the things I’ve drawn and even had the courage to post them.

These are just some of the things that I continue to accomplish. Next time someone says something negative about you, remind yourself of all of your positive attributes and accomplishments!



18 Replies to “Unkind Words: How To Arm Yourself Against Them”

  1. This is such a necessary post. People can be ignorant but you know what your worth is and I don’t think there is anything wrong with reminding yourself what good you have and are 🙂

  2. What a wonderfully positive post. You should most definitely be proud of this blog, you help so many people. Self empowerment is a fantastic way of dealing with unkind words, you deserve a medal for being so great!

      1. You too! You have certain accomplished a lot, no matter how big or how small, and to constantly find ways to improve your anxiety is very inspirational. I definitely know how hard it is, and I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with my own anxiety.

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