Rae’s Rules to Remember #20: Double Standards

A great post on equality written by Rae! Please check out her wonderful blog!


As you know by now, I am a feminist and I believe in gender equality. Naturally, some of the things that I hate most are double standards.

I am an African-American woman who is exactly five feet tall. People expect me to be soft spoken if not just quite. However, because I constantly speak my mind and make it known that I don’t care what other people think, people try to claim that I’m “aggressive,” “emotional,” and I often get stereotyped as the “angry black girl.”

Trust me, if I’m angry, you will know that I am angry. I’ll make sure of it. Calling me that just because I disagree with you, prove you wrong, or challenge what you say  is bullshit. Don’t try to shut me up because you don’t have a valid argument.

If I were a man who always spoke his mind and challenged people, I would…

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