The Happiness Tag

So I wasn’t exactly tagged for this, but I thought it was really cool so I chose to participate. Alex from Happy Alex filled out this wonderful tag! Please check out her blog!

List Five Things That Make You Happy

1.) Getting Through My Anxiety/Not Experiencing Anxiety – I know this is probably obvious, but when I achieve a goal or do something without getting anxious, it feels wonderful! Also, I love how it feels to know that I have the strength to get through my anxiety and accomplish things!

2.) Getting genuinely kind comments from, making friends with, and helping, bloggers – So many of you are so kind and helpful. Your constant kindness and friendship makes me so happy!

3.) Spending time with animals – I love animals. They’re kind, loving, and being around them makes me happy.

4.) Being around friends and family – Being around friends and family, especially those who show love and support means the world to me!

5.) Listening to music/dancing anxiety free – I’ve always loved dancing and singing. Plus, listening to music is just a wonderful experience!

List Five Songs That Make You Happy

1.) Life Uncommon by Jewel – This song is great for reminding me that I have the strength to get through anxiety. It’s also a great reminder of how important it is to concentrate on the positive things in life instead of the negative. Plus, I love Jewel!

2.) Paint It Black (the Vanessa Carlton version) – While this song isn’t exactly happy, I love dancing to it!

3.) Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani – Another song I love dancing to!

4.) American Pie by Don McLean – I don’t know why, but singing this song just makes me happy. I really like the words and imagery it invokes!

5.) I Wish by Stevie Wonder – I just really like this song!


I Tag:

Mary’s Average Adventures

In Silence We Suffer

The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Reads and Treats

Bookmark Chronicles

Anyone Who Wants To Participate!


I also have to mention that writing and reading makes me happy! I can’t forget those!!!


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