I’m Just So Tired

I’m tired. I’m tired of struggling. I’m tired of anxiety getting in the way of me doing things – both the simple things and the more challenging. I’m tired of feeling controlled by something I hate so much. I’m tired of sometimes feeling hopeless and wondering if I’ll ever get through this.

I know I’ve made accomplishments and I know that I’m strong enough to get through this. However, this doesn’t change the fact that I hate struggling with anxiety and that every time, I do, I feel like a failure. Yes, I know that I’m not and yes, I know that I’ve made some improvements and made some great progress. I’m grateful for this and utterly appreciative. That doesn’t mean though that I’m not sick of my anxiety and that I wish it wouldn’t just go away.

Sometimes it’s just so hard not to feel down about struggling. I wish I could just keep doing well and not have moments or days when I feel like I’ve taken a small or huge step back. I know it may seem like I’m wallowing in self-pity, but sometimes it just feels like I’ll never escape this cycle.

I want so badly to get better. I want so badly not to get anxious about simple things and not to struggle with everyday tasks. I want to stop doubting myself.

I think part of the reason I’ve been struggling a little more lately is due to the fact that I haven’t been practicing facing my fears and exercising as much. These are important things to do since they prove to us that we have the ability to get through our struggles and over our fears.

The important thing to remember is that even if you’re struggling and having a difficult time, you do have the strength to get through your struggles. You can and will overcome your fears if you work hard on a consistent basis. Also, just because you struggle does not mean that you’re a failure – it just means that you’re struggling and that you have to work even harder. Trust me, it’s worth it.

For all of you out there who are having a really difficult time, remember that you are strong. Sometimes our anxiety makes us feel otherwise, but that doesn’t make it’s right. Don’t let anxiety make you feel weak or unable to accomplish your goals. You are stronger!

P.S. Please don’t give up hope. You can get through this!

“Anxiety is a liar. The best weapon against it is the truth” – B.G. , Getting Through Anxiety



18 Replies to “I’m Just So Tired”

  1. I struggle to exercise regularly, too.
    I think it’s important to remember that the illness you’re fighting is a really big deal: every now and again you’re completely entitled to ‘wallow in self-pity’, if that’s what you want to do. Sometimes I feel so much more productive and happier, after I’ve had a good cry. Please don’t chastise yourself for that.
    The other thing I wanted to say, is that I’m completely in awe at your ability to turn a sad and pessimistic post, into such a positive and supportive call to arms. Thank you for continuing to help others, regardless of your own struggles. πŸ™‚

  2. You are not alone.
    I get tired of having to fight too, tired of letting anxiety control my life, sometimes just tired of living! It’s unfair some people have to struggle but we can’t give up. You are so strong and we are all here for you πŸ™‚

  3. *HUG*

    You are a ray of sunshine in many of our lives. Remember that when you’re having a particularly difficult day. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has their struggles, anxiety-related or otherwise. It doesn’t make you any less than anyone else. It makes you human.

    You rock! Don’t forget that.

  4. I know exactly what you mean…I’m wrote a similar post with a lot of the same feelings a couple of weeks ago, and I can relate to feeling like anxiety is just such a huge obstacle and it’s exhausting to keep pushing. I think it’s important that we let ourselves admit to feeling that way sometimes, and maybe even have a pity party (although I don’t like that phrase haha) but then remember that it’s a fight worth fighting, and nothing worth having comes easy. Hang in there friend, you aren’t alone.

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