Natural Anxiety & Panic Attack Remedy in 4 Minutes

Man am I reblogging a lot today! Please check out this great video and Jen’s great blog!

The Anxiety Chronicles

After doing my daily guided meditation, for my anxiety, I decided to look at other videos by  BEXLIFE. I came across this short video, where she explains how to control an anxiety or panic attack in 4 minutes, using 2-3 techniques. Please check out the video or share it with your loved ones. It may be very helpful and beneficial. Also, if you have time, check out her other meditation videos. She has suffered with anxiety for over 20 years, and through meditation, has found ways in controlling it and living a more peaceful and aware life.

-Jen xo

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2 Replies to “Natural Anxiety & Panic Attack Remedy in 4 Minutes”

  1. There is a great breathing technique that I’ve used, great for your lymphatic system too. Breathe in for 2 or 3 seconds, then hold it for 4x (so 8 seconds for 2 or 12 for 3) then breathe out for 2x(so 4 for 2 or 6 for 3) – Repeat a few times, it’s amazing for anxiety attacks!

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