April Photo A Day Challenge – April 17th

Favorite actress/actor!

I’m so excited to do this one! I love watching TV and movies, so I have a lot of favorite actors and actresses. All these pictures were found on Google Images.


Jennifer Aniston is by far my favorite actress. Some of the things I’ve seen (and liked) her in include: Friends, Marley and Me, The Switch, Just Go With It, and more!


I thought this picture was perfect because it not only shows another one of my favorite actresses, but one of my favorite actors as well! I love Connie Britton in Spin City, Friday Night Lights, and Nashville! I also love Kyle Chandler in Early Edition, Friday Night Lights, and Super 8!


I’ve only really seen Dean Stockwell in one thing – Quantum Leap, but I love him SO much in it!


Will Smith is a great actor! I love him in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I Am Legend, Independence Day, Focus, Hitch and so much more!


Tim Daly is another one of my favorite actors. I loved him in Wings, Private Practice (what I watched of it anyway – didn’t watch much though), and Storm of the Century!

I can’t forget Michael J. Fox! He was of course in Back to the Future, Family Ties, and a few other really good movies!

Wanna learn more about the challenge? Click here!


6 Replies to “April Photo A Day Challenge – April 17th”

  1. Love Will Smith. He is one of the very few successful actors that hasn’t got a massive ego. He comes across as very comfortable with who he is but not in a I am better than you way. 🙂 xx

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