April Photo A Day Challenge: April 13th

Currently Watching:

Okay so technically I watch a few things on TV and Netflix. Therefore, I’ll post a picture of what I’ll be watching tonight and something new I started watching on Netflix yesterday! These pictures were found on Google and not taken by me. Sorry about that!

I’ll be watching Nashville tonight. I’ve always loved this picture. In my opinion, the show is pretty good though there are a couple of really annoying characters. It’s not one of my favorite shows, but I do like watching it.

I just started watching Arrow on Netflix. I wasn’t going to at first since I’m nowhere close to being caught up. What changed my mind? For one thing, I watch The Flash which I love and in a couple of episodes, the guy who plays Arrow was in it and I was kind of curious about the show. For another thing, I was kind of bored yesterday and decided to give it a go! The first couple of episodes were okay, but I wasn’t in love with it. I watched a few more though and I’m really starting to like it! Not to mention, Steven Amell (Oliver Queen, Arrow) is really attractive and I really like his character! 🙂 Felicity’s cool too though where I am in the show, I haven’t seen much of her yet.

Wanna learn more about the challenge? Click here!


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